Design Approach

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Moji Salehi prides herself on her ability to approach each design brief with the aim to create a home that will push boundaries, while striving also to create a genuine sanctuary from the stresses of contemporary life. Incorporating key traits of playfulness, sophistication and simplicity to define the space, her aim is always to create an emotional response, be that humour, pride, or happy surprise. From conception through to completion she accompanies the client along this journey resulting in a satisfying and joyful experience, which continues to win her clients through personal recommendation.

Her personable manner combined with professionalism, means that no matter who she works alongside, be that contractors or tradesmen, her project management ensures a smooth execution of the brief. Her wealth of experience means her portfolio which includes renovation on period homes, to full re-styles on modern buildings ensure Salehi is able to adapt to her surroundings with ease, without ever being overbearing. Her design approach is based on a deeply rooted belief that how we perform both consciously and unconsciously, is reflected from the spaces in which we occupy.

Considerations of a practical nature are of course present within her designs, such as how it sounds, how it functions and how the space performs, but Salehi at every point also questions how does it make the owner feel when they are in this space? How does it feel not just to the touch but also to the soul? And so the homes she creates are not just about the physical aesthetic. They are also about creating a sense of belonging for her client, about creating a physical extension of the owner and their identity. Ultimately it is that moment, when the client recognizes themselves within the design and that they feel at ease in their surroundings that she feels her challenge has been met.

This of course means constantly pushing herself to think differently for each project and client, something she thrives on, rising to the challenge each time to create something completely unique and different to the last. This has helped her hone an eye for detail, and it is the thrill of the chase, be that working alongside an artist to commission work for her clients, to procuring the perfect article that fuels her passion and desire. These principles are the driving force behind each of her designs.